Bitcoin Donations

Please be generous. Please share a little of what you have with others so our ideas can reach more people. Of course we are generous and we share with our words and our links on-line in our personal networks, and that is the best and least expensive way. But we don't reach everyone and we need to.

To reach outside of our combined personal networks takes funds. So, ... 

Please donate ...

Maybe pennies are being phased out ... but ... yes can make Bitcoin donations!


Note: Bitcoin donation are temporaily unavailable due to a transition in services. Check back again soon for the party wallet ID.

Because a BTC donation could be considered the same as a (fiat) cash donation from an Elections Act point of view - the maximum allowed might be $20 (when converted to CAD). If you send more than the equivalent of $20 CAD, we may be forced to return it or give it to the government and neither of these options helps us at all.

Think of this as passing the digital hat.

With this in mind, feel free to drop a little BTC on us. Thanks!

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